Lost Hope - D&D 5E campaign

This campaign happens in and around the City of Pyrus, which is a harbour city located at the north coast of Faerûn's Border Kingdoms.

Info: For a map of Pyrus see the notes at the end of this page. Pyrus not an official D&D city, also every place, person or event from the official D&D background may be there/may have happened, but it may be completely different from whatever you heard/read about in any D&D supplementals.

About Pyrus

  • The general region/setting is mediterranean/venetian, so it's usually warm, there is occasional rain, there are some tropical areas nearby and some other parts of the region are bone dry.
  • Pyrus is a harbour city with about 20,000 inhabitants, most common goods traded are spices, wine and fabric. The trading routes are plagued by pirates and robbers (depending if it's a sea or land route). Mercenaries are usually welcomed for protection.
  • The city is known for being ruled by a council of high ranked guild members and noble families.
  • Pyrus is a large trading place. Most common goods are spices.
  • People in Pyrus all have their own little problems, but there are many things on different levels happening as well. Players may get involved in any of those.


  • Magic is a common thing. People won't shout "Witch!" at you in general because they see you lighting a bonfire with your fingertip (except maybe in really strange / different / isolated regions). There are areas though where magic is not allowed and you may get arrested when using it there (or when getting caught using it there). Magic is volatile. Usually it works as expected, but there may be times and/or places where it doesn't work, doesn't work as strong (or even stronger) or where it works in unexpected ways.
  • There are different kinds of magic as well as additional spells (not covered in the official rule books) present in the world. Players may or may not get the knowledge of those.


  • No race is good or evil per se (with a few expections). Dragonborn, goblins, tieflings and even trolls may wander around in cities unharmed, minding their business.

D&D Rules

  • This campaign is not about the rules, it's about adventure. So do not try to minmax your character to get the highest damage output, but play what gives you and the group (and the DM) the most fun. Play a character that is somehow attached to the group (and doesn't hate everyone else) and who fits into the general setting.
  • This is about a magical world, almost everything is possible, don't expect things to be realistic. Things might change completely within a second, and there may be no printed rules that say so. Rules are there to make gameplay easier, not to restrict our phantastic ideas.
  • A critial fail doesn't automatically mean a complete fail of the task you wanted to do, it may just mean that you succeeded but ran into the next problem now. Like you were trying to evade the hit from this large orc... you succeed, but you stepped backward right into the pentagram drawn onto the floor behind you...
  • NPCs don't come in just one level range (at defined in the D&D rules)... eg. there may be goblins that are pretty weak, but there may be goblins that kick your ass even at level 15. Their age and experience (and tools at hand) are defining their strength and capabilities, not their CR written down in some rulebook.
  • Ther won't be XP for killed monsters but for mastered situations and reached achievements (so you might get XP for overcoming a tribe of attacking orcs as a danger to your group instead of getting certain XP per orc kill). Mawing down residents/critters without any threat or cause won't grant any XP.

some more details here: Campaign Rules


  • Combat is not the natural outcome of conflict. Often there is a better, easier and healthier way to resolve a conflict.
  • Play your character, not those of the other players. If they don't have that much experience yet, make suggestions (if they want them!) but let them learn and make their own experiences, too.
  • Don't split the party. There may be some rare occasion where it is required, but solo thieving tours or secret 'spice' trades with shady merchants to earn money/improve your equipment create boredom for all other players. Those things can be done in 'downtime' between the adventures. If some party members want to visit the bath house, go with them, this may be the starting place for another story plot (someone might try to assassinate you companions right there because you aren't there to protect them!)
  • Guide to narrative combat (source)
    • Think beyond your character sheet. Use fantastic terrain (think of the guy from Inquisition in swinging on chandeliers to get stuff done!)
    • Don't worry too much about specific distances. Focus on intent.
    • Come up with awesome ideas based on the situation.
    • Describe actions ("I roll for Melee attack" is boring) and results (after determining the outcome) within the story.

Kicking off the campaign

  • The campaign starts off when the citizens of Pyrus are preparing for a week long carnival like celebration, which happens only once every 50 (sic!) years. No one, even the elder ones, can't remember the cause of this celebration, and noone can remember what happend during the previous celebration. Everything that is being prepared is taken from old writings (where no one knows if these are real or not) or just being done because that's the things you do at celebrations nowadays. Many visitors from far away cities and even countries pour into the city, followed by traders offering their goods and all kind of artists. Even a circus has settled outside the city. The number of inhabitants has doubled for the event, all the inns are filled to the brim, stable owners have moved their mounts to outside the city to sell places for the night too. Even regular inhabitants of the city have moved out to relatives to earn some ridiculous fees from strangers by renting their homes. Also there are two official camping sites outside the city where people can put up their own tent during the event for a fee. Wild camping is not allowed.

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Note 1: Maps of the city, region and continent can be found here.
Note 2: The Pyrus map was a commissioned creation by TheHoarseWhisperer for Shadire, look up the details here.

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